International impact of Wake students and faculty working in Nepal

This past summer, one of our Assistant Professors in Anthropology, Dr. Steven Folmar, took a group of novice research anthropologists to the field.  The focus of the field trip was to validate psychological instruments they were using by introducing a standardized psychiatric examination, which they adapted to the cultural conditions of psychiatric phenomena in Nepal. […]

Medical Care for the Future

For many, there is an anxiety that accompanies a visit to the doctor — a concern that the physician or PA will prescribe a treatment or offer advice without considering other factors in our lives that may affect our wellbeing. How many of us have had the experience of a doctor talking about numbers and […]

Wake Forest is one of the best!

This week, I was excited to see the latest U.S. News  & World Report (USN&WR) rankings of the best national universities released on September 10.  Wake Forest received our highest overall ranking ever. U.S. News and World Report’s 2014 Best Colleges guide ranked us 23rd among 281 national universities.  More importantly for the College, USN&WR also […]

A look at Biology and Technical Writing

Sometimes our students help us forge interesting interdisciplinary collaborations; thus helping to shape our programs in new ways.  This summer, biology undergraduate Jessica Blackburn Martin used her Wake Forest Research Fellowship to explore ways that tutors in the Writing Center could help students learn to write in the sciences. The Biology Department features technical writing […]

Medicine and Art

Have you ever wondered if there is any correlation between fine arts and professional careers? I strongly believe that the arts are essential for the greatest success in professional careers. Art can help students think more creatively and “outside of the box.”  Indeed, in my own research laboratory, I find that the most creative students […]

Faculty Fellows and our work in the Residence Halls

I am excited about the new Faculty Fellows Program, which was developed to build community and increase faculty-student engagement, especially outside of the classroom. The program provides fun and intellectually engaging discussions, activities and interactions between students and the faculty fellows in the residence halls for first-year students. Here is how it works: Each of […]

The Living & Learning Community “Paris: From Department Stores to Mystery Stories”

I am really excited for this new first-year experience: a living and learning community linked to Professor Kendall Tarte’s First-Year Seminar (FYS 100), “Paris: From Department Stores to Mystery Stories.” This course is reserved for undergraduate women who are interested in participating in a unique learning community inside and outside the classroom. These students will […]

Bravo to our 2013 Master of Arts in Counseling program’s graduating class

I am ever-so-proud of our Counseling program and the graduates of that program.  Ever since the Wake Forest Counseling Program became CACREP accredited in 1996, graduating students take a standardized exam, the National Counseling Exam, NCE, as part of becoming licensed counselors.  From 1996 through 2013, 100% of our counseling students who have taken the […]

Students and faculty working together

One of Wake Forest College’s defining features is the face-to-face interactions between our faculty and students. In the College, we embrace personal interaction and intellectual exchange between students and faculty.  Wake Forest is a place where the engagement of faculty and students in and outside the classroom and the laboratory are paramount.  Such engagement is […]

This year’s Student Union Art Buying Trip

This year was the year of the Student Union Art Buying trip–and, last week, I had the opportunity to see the students present the artwork that they had purchased.  The art-buying trip is a learning experience that is unique in US higher education, as far as I know.  Every four years, since the first trip […]