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A banner saying Show Humanitate is seen through leaves with Reynolda Hall behind it.

During her address last week, President Wente announced the next phase of the Strategic Framework, centered on the distinctive value proposition that “Wake Forest will embody Pro Humanitate at home and in the world.” 

The last strategic plan shaped Wake Forest as a collegiate university committed to educating the whole person. It pointed us inward to draw good things to the university and develop our strengths. The thematic goals in the new Strategic Framework now point us outward toward the world. We are called to share the richness of what we have and can accomplish at Wake Forest with others. These goals aspire to a fulfillment of Wake Forest’s potential that takes the creative and intellectual abundance we nurture here beyond our campus and into the world. 

As President Wente described who Wake Forest is and who we will become, I was reminded in this season of Thanksgiving of how much we have to be thankful for. I am grateful that we embrace meaningful change even as our vision remains rooted in commitments to people, to a sense of place, and to a mission of learning, inquiry, and creativity. I am thankful for the College’s amazing work as showcased in this Digest, for the contributions each of you make, and for the relationships formed in shared endeavors. This week I hope all of you find occasions to share gratitude and good food with family and friends and the communities in and beyond Wake Forest. Happy Thanksgiving!

– Anne Hardcastle, Associate Dean for Academic Planning 

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