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Somehow we’re already halfway through September, and the semester is not slowing down. Recently a student said, “School is getting real, I have a lot of work.” Last week a student said, “It’s only four weeks until Fall Break,” and another student said, “I just bought my plane ticket for the holiday break.”

First-year students talk about meeting new friends and learning where to sit in the Pit. Our returning sophomores and juniors are planning to study abroad and are eager to declare a major. Seniors are nostalgic, soaking up every Wake tradition possible, surprised that nearly four years have passed. It’s always interesting to watch students matriculate through our university, wishing time away, but never wanting to leave.

Whatever you’re looking forward to, I also hope you can enjoy the moment you are in.

– Dr. Nikki Elston, Assistant Dean of Academic Advising and Assistant Teaching Professor of Counseling

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