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Students sit in adirondack chairs and raise their hands during an outdoor calculus class.

Dear Faculty and Staff,

We have braved a sea of challenges this extraordinary academic year, and we’re almost on safe shores. This last regular Digest of the 2020-2021 academic year (we will have a special Honors and Awards edition on May 11) highlights two big themes: gratitude for our amazing faculty and staff who have shown courage and determination day in and day out this past year; and the importance of academic community making. As this strangest of semesters draws to a close, let us all practice the powerful gift of acknowledging each other, understanding and affirming the scores of contributions each member of this community has made to ensure our students have been safe and well educated. Let us also rejoice in our shared academic community, remembering why we chose to live and work in it in the first place and what it means to renew our commitment to it now, in the wake of much uncertainty and difficulty. All of us chose academe because we love ideas and the collective conversations and discussions that produce them. In the throes of the pandemic, when we put all our energies into helping our students embrace the world of ideas and feel safe, it has been easy to put aside our own need for academic community. Yet it is vital to our individual work and the meaningfulness we draw from it. It is what keeps us excited about the research we pursue, the engagement we bring to larger social issues that we care about, and our work mentoring the next generations of artists and scientists, scholars and activists, creators and thinkers. As we close the year celebrating our students and their impressive accomplishments, let us also vow to renew ourselves through our special academic community at Wake Forest, including by taking part in this summer’s offerings, such as the Office of Online Education colloquium, the DH@Wake Summer Institute Seminar, the CAT’s summer book discussion, the ODI Inclusive Excellence and Leadership workshops, the D.E.A.C. Allies workshops, the Humanities Institute opportunities, and our PDC programs. Commencement will be here before we know it and, in the weeks that follow, a chance to catch our collective breath and revitalize ourselves as we prepare to welcome President-elect Susan Wente to Wake Forest in July and launch a new face to face academic year in August.

– Michele Gillespie

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