2023-2024 Calendar

Spring 2024

  • Monday, 1/22
    • Submission deadline: Tuesday, 1/16
  • Monday, 2/19
    • Submission deadline: Tuesday, 2/13
  • Monday, 3/25
    • Submission deadline: Tuesday, 3/19
  • Monday, 4/22
    • Submission deadline: Tuesday, 4/16
  • Honors & Awards edition: Wednesday, 5/15
    • Submission deadline: Friday, 5/3

The Dean’s Office Digest is a bi-weekly newsletter. Submission deadlines for each edition are the Tuesday prior to the publication date.

Please note that submissions will be edited to fit the space available for the Digest, and the number of times an announcement can run may be limited.

Contact Bethany Leggett if you would like to submit information to be included.

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