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Dear Faculty Colleagues,

You deserve real kudos. Switching your courses to remote delivery under unprecedented circumstances in a week’s notice is a tremendous accomplishment. I’ve been receiving great reports from colleagues and students attesting to your compassion, imagination, inclusion, and resilience in our new virtual classrooms. It’s great to see how you are using informal online communities as well as the CAT staff, the ZSR librarians, the ITG, and IS for learning technology advice and expertise to help you out.

I have two important asks of you. First, I know that remote learning under these current conditions is imperfect at best, but please make every effort to connect with your students in a face-to-face virtual format, including offering virtual office hours every week. We know that this face-to-face relationship, even when delivered virtually, is a Wake Forest hallmark. More importantly, it is critical to students’ emotional comfort and academic success in such a precipitous time. And secondly, more than 400 college faculty are teaching virtually across the work week. Each of our students, spread around the globe with challenging home circumstances of their own, is taking four to six courses, some offered synchronously and others asynchronously. I have learned that some students are being required to take extended time tests that overlap with other existing courses and/or other extended test times. To support your students’ learning, I ask that you please administer tests only during your regular class period or offer more flexibility for extended test times to accommodate these conflicts and hardships.

Today’s Digest is full of useful news, including ways we can support our students living on campus and ways to support yourself. It is imperative that you not only have compassion for your students; please extend that same compassion to yourself. Take advantage of all the support systems around the College to keep safe and well.


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