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Last week President Wente announced a new space utilization study that begins this month. COVID-19 brought home the indisputable fact that our campus spaces play an important role in delivering our transformative education. The Reynolda campus is over half a century old, planned at a time when the “sage on the stage” reigned supreme. Our community has changed dramatically since that era, including the exponential growth of our student, faculty, and staff numbers. While we have added new buildings and renovated spaces, most recently using best practices for learning spaces design guidelines, we know that many of our offices, classrooms, studios, labs, and study spaces are crammed, even with our new system of more equitable classroom distribution. We know that the aesthetics of learning spaces impact brain function. We know that well-designed spaces reorder relationships and redefine and deepen community. Our space utilization study will allow us to reimagine and explore how we design space to produce knowledge, innovate, and create, and incorporate our best teaching and learning practices in and out of the classroom. As we look to this critical collaborative work in the academic year ahead, I hope you are as excited about what we can accomplish together as I am.

– Michele Gillespie, Dean of the College

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