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Welcome Back

By working together, we provided our students with a terrific Wake Forest education last spring despite all the COVID-19 challenges, and we ended the academic year with a wonderful in-person Commencement for all our seniors. We can now look to an even more exciting fall semester with College faculty, staff, and students back on campus at long last.

This special Summer Snapshot 2021 edition of the Dean’s Office Digest provides you with the latest policies, schedules, and updated information to kick off our new academic year. We look forward to seeing you very soon!

– Michele Gillespie, Dean of the College

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Fall 2021 Calendar

8/23/21 – submissions due 8/17
9/7/21* (*Tuesday, for Labor Day Observance) – submissions due 8/31
9/20/21 – submissions due 9/14
10/4/21 – submissions due 9/28
10/18/21 – submissions due 10/12
11/1/21 – submissions due 10/26
11/15/21 – submissions due 11/9
11/29/21 – submissions due by *noon on 11/23 (*adjusted for Thanksgiving Break Observance)

Spring 2022 Calendar

1/10/22 – submissions due 1/4
1/24/22 – submissions due 1/18
2/7/22 – submissions due 2/1
2/21/22 – submissions due 2/15
3/14/22* (*adjusted for Spring Break Observance) – submissions due 3/8
3/28/22 – submissions due 3/22
4/11/22 – submissions due 4/5
4/25/22 – submissions due 4/19

Honors & Awards Edition on 5/10/22

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