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Do you know Walt Whitman’s poem “A Noiseless Patient Spider?” Whitman describes a spider “launching forth filament, filament, filament” to seek “the spheres to connect them, / Till the bridge you will need be formed.” In what can seem like endless moments of uncertainty, disconnection, and unrest, the work we do in reaching out with our knowledge and our hearts to connect with our students and our community reminds me of that patient spider “ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing” to bind its soul to the world. Please remember that our work, “these gossamer threads,” makes meaningful connections regardless of the challenges of our time and, indeed, creates the bridge that transcends them.

– Michele Gillespie

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Fall 2020 Calendar

8/24/20 – submissions due 8/20
9/8/20 – submissions due 9/1
9/21/20 – submissions due 9/15
10/5/20 – submissions due 9/29
10/19/20 – submissions due 10/13
11/2/20 – submissions due 10/27
11/16/20 – submissions due 11/10
11/30/20 – submissions due 11/24 (submit by noon)

Spring 2021 Calendar

1/25/21 – submissions due 1/19
2/8/21 – submissions due 2/2
2/22/21 – submissions due 2/16
3/8/21 – submissions due 3/2
3/22/21 – submissions due 3/16
4/5/21 – submissions due 3/30
4/19/21 – submissions due 4/13
5/3/21 – submissions due 4/27

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