Poteat Lecture

Hubert McNeill Poteat Lecture

Named in honor of Hubert McNeill Poteat, who taught at Wake Forest University from 1911 to 1956 and was widely known and respected as a Latin scholar, this lecture series is designed to recognize and celebrate the many achievements of our faculty in research, scholarly, and creative work.  The annual lectures are held each spring and are alternately sponsored by the Office of the Dean of the College and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

Dr. Claudia Kairoff

Professor of English and recipient of the MacDonough Family Faculty Fellowship gave the 2017 Poteat Lecture in April. Her talk was titled, “Raising Her Voice:  A Critical Edition of The Works of Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea.”

Hubert McNeill Poteat Lecture Series

2016-2017        April 12, 2017 – Claudia Kairoff (English)
Raising Her Voice:  A Critical Edition of The Works of Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea

2015-2016        April 25, 2016 – Miles Silman (Biology)
Real-World Sustainability and the Future of Andean and Amazonian Biodiversity 

2014-2015        April 21, 2015 – Mary Foskett (Study of Religions)
Biblical Studies and the Humanities: Reflections on Past Practices and New Directions

2013-2014        April 28, 2014 – Sam Gladding (Counseling)
Beyond Active Listening: Creativity, the Arts and Positive Mental Health

2012-2013        April 9, 2013 – Mary Deshazer (English/Womens & Gender Studies)
Representing Breast Cancer in the Twenty-first Century

2011-2012        April 12, 2012 – Dan Locklair (Music)
Following My Muse:  The Music of Dan Locklair

2010-2011        April 4, 2011 – Katy Harriger (Politics & International Affairs)
What Does Brown Mean?:  The Supreme Court, School Desegregation, and Legal Change

2009-2010        April 5, 2010 – Eric G. Wilson (English)
Forgiveness, the Gates of Paradise, and William Blake’s Nervous Fears

2008-2009        March 26, 2009 – Paul D. Escott (History)
The Lincoln Icon:  Thinking About Myth and Reality in our History

2007-2008        April 16, 2008 – Susan Fahrbach (Biology)
Plastic Bee Brains

2004-2005        March 17, 2005 – David Coates (Political Science)
Campaigning in Poetry, Governing in Prose:  Tony Blair and New Labour Britain

2003-2004        March 18, 2004 – Earl Smith (Sociology)
The Modern World System:  Academics and Athletics in the New Millennium 

2002-2003        November 4, 2002 – Dilip K. Kondepudi (Chemistry)
The Enigma of Asymmetry

2001-2002        October 24, 2001 – Paul M. Ribisl (Health and Exercise Science)
The Next Y2K Problem – Obesity:  Genes, Gluttony or Sloth?

2000-2001        March 29, 2001 – Margaret Supplee Smith (Art)
The Magic Mountain:  Imagination and Image in the Making of American Ski Resorts from Sun Valley to Sunday River

1999-2000        April 5, 2000 – Candelas Gala (Romance Languages)
From Parody to Pathos:  Lorca, Dalί, Bunuel, in the artistic and cultural landscape of the 20th century Spain

1998-1999        February 18, 1999 – Deborah Best (Psychology)
Gender and Culture

1997-1998        November 19, 1997 – Raymond Kuhn (Biology)
Health: The United States and the Third World