Wake Study Space

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**If you have an urgent need related to testing accommodations, please contact
your departmental support staff or
Leigh Anne Robinson.** 

COVID-19 Space Access

Click HERE to book a study space in DeaconSpace
(requires 48 hours notice).

To book a study space in ZSR, click here (on demand).

ZSR classrooms 476 and 204 are available as individual study spaces. Deacon OneCard key swipes are necessary to gain access; no reservation is necessary.

Looking for a late night study space? The Sutton Center Study Hall is open until midnight Sunday – Thursday.

Study Space Expectations

Additional space has been opened for quiet individual study.  Please be aware of and honor all policies on the Our Way Forward website.

  • All reservable student study space occupancies are for a maximum of 1-2 students, regardless of what is posted in the room (this is for academic or event use).
  • If you’re sharing a University space, you MUST BE MASKED and maintain physical distancing.
  • Please avoid eating or drinking (even if food and drink are normally allowed) with the exception of brief sips of water to limit removing face coverings indoors around other people.
  • Please disinfect your work surfaces, e.g., desk, table, etc. before you begin.
  • Do not use excess furniture stored in the room.
  • Do not move furniture.
  • Do not take furnishings out of the space.
  • These spaces close for use when it is time for janitorial staff to clean.

Usage policies can be found on Our Way Forward


In DeaconSpace, students may select “Book Now” beside “Wake Study Spaces [Social Distancing]” to find several conference rooms in Reynolda and Benson that are reservable for student study space.  Reynolda Hall is open 7:30am – 10pm; Benson University Center is open 7:30am – 10:00pm M-F and 11am – 10:00pm on weekends.  In order to book a Study Space, click CREATE A RESERVATION on the left side of the page, then choose “Book Now” beside “Wake Study Spaces [Social Distancing].”  This choice also includes classroom spaces as outlined below:

Reynolda Campus Spaces

You will be able to check the updated list of study spaces here, including information on specific room availability, guidelines on accessing designated study rooms, and conditions associated with use of these spaces.  This is a live document and will change as rooms are opened for student use.

  • Study spaces may be reserved Monday – Friday between the hours of 7am – 10pm for no longer than 2 hours at a time.
  • If you require the space for more than 2 hours DUE TO AN EXAM, you may book the space for up to 4 hours citing the exam details in the Event Description field.  Please be sure to book your space to begin at least 15 minutes in advance of any required exam start time.
  • Please allow at least 48 hours for approval of your request.
  • No space can be reserved more than 21 days in advance.
  • You may only make one reservation per day.
  • If you cannot access your room during your reserved time, please contact University Police at their non-emergency number for assistance.  You will be required to show your confirmation email from the Social Distancing Space Allocation Team for entrance into the room.

Students may find socially-distanced open lounges inside and out of our academic buildings open until 10pm, when academic building access for students ends.

Wake Downtown

In addition to the four reservable classrooms included on the list above, Wake Downtown has non-classroom spaces which are available for student study. Undergraduate students can access Wake Downtown via their Deacon OneCards from 7am-10pm, 7 days a week. Wake Downtown’s 1st floor classrooms are available for reservation from 7am-8pm M-F.

Wellbeing Center

NEW in Spring 2021: The second floor cardio area has been converted to a temporary game room with recreation games that promote proper social distancing (i.e., air hockey, ping pong).

The Wellbeing Center has a variety of study lounges available throughout the facility to meet students’ study needs.  There are over 100 work tables with access to power on the 2nd floor of the Sutton Center gym.  There is comfortable seating with tablet arms and work tables in the living room and one of the 4th floor Reynolds gyms.  There is also a variety of seating scattered throughout the building if you are searching for a more intimate study nook.  Students may access the Wellbeing Center via their Deacon OneCards from 5:30am – 10pm M-Th/5:30am-8pm F/10am-8pm on weekends. Sutton Center study spaces only are available until midnight Sundays – Thursdays.  All Wellbeing Center study space is first come, first served.  *Access for study hours are through the Sutton Center entrance across from Kitchin. Deacon One Card must be scanned on the pedestal at the entrance doors.

Z. Smith Reynolds Library
  • There is open, non-reservable space (~350 seats) available in ZSR Library.
  • ZSR has 52 reservable rooms available; 48 are study carrels. Four are rooms with smart screens (225, 226, 676, 677). All are single occupancy following public health guidance and may be reserved here.
updated 2.20.21