updated 8/7/20

Review and Reappointment:  Junior Faculty


For Guidelines for Tenure and Promotion in the College,
please see the Faculty Handbook.


Junior Faculty will be reviewed four times prior to preparation and submission of the Tenure and Promotion Dossier in the sixth year. Chairs should submit annual reviews and 2nd and 4th year reviews to the Senior Associate Dean of Faculty.

  • 2nd and 4th year reviews carried out during the fall of the 2nd and 4th years of appointment will serve as annual reviews of the preceding academic year and will accompany chairs’ recommendations for re-appointment.
  • During the fall of the 3rd and 5th years of employment, chairs will provide an annual review of the preceding academic year prepared in accordance with the guidelines above.
  • No annual review need be submitted during the fall of the 6th year unless the tenure clock has been extended.


Fall Year 1   
Start Date, no review
Fall Year 2        
2nd year review and re-appointment
Fall Year 3   
Annual review of previous academic year
Fall Year 4        
4th year review and re-appointment
Fall Year 5      
Annual review of previous academic year
Fall Year 6   
Preparation of Tenure and Promotion Dossier
January Year 6      
Submission of Tenure and Promotion Dossier

Tenure & Promotion Guidelines

These guidelines apply both to candidates for Tenure and Promotion and candidates for Promotion to Full Professor.

Candidate Materials

  • Candidate’s cover letter to the Chair requesting consideration for promotion.
  • Candidate’s CV including resume of teaching, research, and service contributions. Peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed publications, shows, performances, and presentations should be listed separately. A list of all courses taught at Wake Forest and the frequency of these offerings (offered once, offered every two years, etc.) should also be included.
  • Candidate’s Teaching and Research Statement (one document, approximately 6 pages). These statements should include:
  • A representative sample of the candidate’s scholarly work (published manuscripts, books, creative works).
  • Teaching/course evaluations from the last 3 semesters. Any committee or peer assessments of teaching, along with any course portfolios or self-assessments, should also be included. If letters from former students are submitted, the department chair and review committee will select a representative sample of letters to be included in the file.
  • Reviews of completed works may be included as well as evidence of citation by others or evidence of the number of libraries that hold the work.