Welcome New Faculty!

Welcome to the Wake Forest College of Arts and Sciences! We are pleased that you will be joining our community of Teacher-Scholars. During our New College Faculty Orientation, we will cover timely and relevant topics that will help you settle into your new academic home, such as “Student and Faculty Support Services,” “Wake Forest Faculty Experiences,” and “An Introduction to the College.” Speakers for these themes are drawn from our College faculty and/or administrators.

  • The Provost’s portion of New Faculty Orientation for permanent faculty will be on Wednesday, August 14, 2024.
  • The College portion for permanent full-time faculty (both tenure track and teaching professionals) will be held on Thursday, August 15, 2024.
  • The College orientation for temporary faculty (part-time/visiting/adjunct/post-docs) will be held the morning of Friday, August 23, 2024.

More information will be sent directly to your @wfu email address.  

We have created the College Faculty Guide to assist you in your orientation to Wake Forest University. Please take time to navigate the links to various University and community resources. We are looking forward to your arrival in August, when we can welcome you into the Wake Forest family and share the wonderful opportunities that will be available to you as a new faculty member.