The Teacher-Scholar Ideal

The duties of all faculty members are described in the Wake Forest Faculty Handbook.  In addition, the College Faculty reaffirmed their commitment to the Teacher-Scholar in the development of the College Strategic Plan in 2007 and these guidelines serve as the expectations for their merit evaluation process:

  1. Excellent teaching at all levels, student engagement, and advising.
  2. Advancing the frontiers of knowledge through nationally/internationally recognized research, scholarship, interdisciplinary activities and/or creative work.
  3. Involvement of students in research, scholarly or creative work and/or academically-oriented service learning, community-based research, civic engagement, and experiential learning.
  4. Active participation in the governance and life of the program, department, college, and university.
  5. Active, consistent, and extensive presence on campus (and/or at campus-related or research facilities) during the academic work week and regular face-to-face availability to students and colleagues.  (Note: “regular availability” does not mean that a faculty member needs to be available all of the time.)
Teacher at blackboard with students in lawn