Faculty Fellowships

updated 7/23/2021

Internal Fellowships

The Wake Forest College Faculty Fellowships are fellowships that honor our best teacher-scholars.  Nominees should have distinguished themselves as particularly dedicated and successful teachers and mentors in their disciplines with a strong record of scholarly or creative activity.  Chairs and senior faculty are encouraged to submit nominations for faculty within their departments.  All nominations must be endorsed by the chair.

Eligibility and Qualifications:

Tenure Track Faculty and Tenured Faculty:  must be exemplary teacher-scholars with a commitment to mentoring students, and should also be outstanding citizens of our academic community.

Full-time Career Teaching Professionals:  must be exemplary teachers and mentors and should also have demonstrated exceptional service to their departments and the broader institution.  Typically, qualified teaching professionals will also have demonstrated involvement in and recognition by external organizations committed to the teaching of their disciplines.


For faculty interested in applying for external fellowships, please visit the External Fellowships page.


Please email your nomination letter and supporting documentation to Leigh Anne Robinson, in the Office of the Dean of the College, no later than

March 15, 2022

Information should be submitted electronically as a single PDF email attachment.

Nomination Guidelines:
  • A nomination letter including evidence of outstanding teaching and scholarship (maximum 3 pages)
  • The candidate’s current CV
  • Supporting materials – e.g. summary of teaching evaluations, evidence of student /faculty engagement, etc.

The nomination letter should make clear to the review committee why this faculty member exemplifies the Wake Forest Teacher-Scholar Ideal or is deserving of recognition as an outstanding Teaching Professional.  Please provide a detailed explanation of all the activities, traits, contributions, and accomplishments in teaching, mentoring, and scholarly and creative work that make this person an outstanding citizen of our College community.

Current Faculty Fellowship Recipients

Name Department Fellowship Name  End Date
Berenhaut, Ken Mathematics Baker Family Fund Fellowship 6/30/2022
Berry, Michael Health & Exercise Science Bitove Family Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2024
Brown, Alan Education Bryant/Groves Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2022
Ramachandran, Tanisha Religion Bryant/Groves Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2023
Erway, Jennifer Mathematics Clark Family Fellowship 6/30/2024
Harriger, Katy Politics & International Affairs F. Michael Crowley Distinguished Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2023
Brady, Shannon Psychology Denton Family Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2024
Ballard, Grey Computer Science Dunn-Riley Faculty Fund Fellowship 6/30/2023
Lather, Amy Classics Dunn-Riley Faculty Fund Fellowship 6/30/2023
Miguel-Prendes, Sol Spanish & Italian Gale Family Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2022
Lancaster, Zak English Susan & Gene Goodson Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2022
Tauber, Joel Art Hoak Family Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2024
Curtis, Mark Economics Hough Family Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2023
Thomas, Rebecca German & Russian Kenyon Family Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2024
Waugh, Christian Psychology F. M. Kirby Family Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2023
Wayne-Thomas, Mary Theatre & Dance F. M. Kirby Family Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2022
Kirby-Straker, Rowena Communication Kulynych Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2023
Esstman, Sarah McDonald Biology Robert & Debra Lee Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2024
McAllister, Grant German & Russian Levison Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2022
Kiang, Lisa Psychology MacDonough Family Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2022
Gengler, Amanda Sociology McCulloch Family Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2024
Hogan, Sarah English Ollen R. Nally Family Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2022
Kelsie, Amber Communication Reinsch/Pierce Family Fellowship 6/30/2024
Bardon, Adrian Philosophy Scott Family Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2023
Clendinning, Elizabeth Music Scott Family Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2022
Salsbury, Fred Physics Scott Family Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2023
Walldorf, Will Politics & International Affairs Shively Family Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2023
Canzona, Mollie Communication Zachary T. Smith Fellowship 6/30/2023
Bourdon, Abbey Mathematics A.J. Sterge Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2022
Gemmer, John Mathematics A.J. Sterge Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2022
Mason, Sarah Mathematics A.J. Sterge Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2023
Rouse, Jeremy Mathematics A.J. Sterge Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2023
Koscak, Stephanie History Henry S. Stroupe History Faculty Fund 6/30/2023
Sinanoglou, Penelope History Henry S. Stroupe History Faculty Fund 12/31/2022
Lee, Win-Chiat Philosophy Tatum Family Faculty Fund Fellowship 6/30/2024
Furr, Mike Psychology Wright Family Faculty Fellowship 6/30/2022
Vincent, Amanda French Studies Young Family Faculty Support Fellowship 6/30/2024
Bowie, Rian English Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Fellowship 6/30/2022
Branch, Erin English Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Fellowship 6/30/2023
Knight, Molly German & Russian Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Fellowship 6/30/2023