updated 7/1/2023

Internal Fellowships

The Wake Forest College Faculty Fellowships are fellowships that honor our best teacher-scholars.  Chairs and senior faculty are encouraged to submit nominations for faculty within their departments.  All nominations must be endorsed by the chair via a brief email or addendum indicating knowledge and support.  Before nominating: please be sure to look at the NEW HELPFUL TIPS below.

Eligibility and Qualifications:

Tenure Track Faculty and Tenured Faculty:  Nominees should have distinguished themselves as excellent university citizens.  They should be particularly dedicated and successful teachers and mentors in their disciplines as well as demonstrate a strong record of scholarly or creative activity.  Typically, qualified tenure track faculty will also have demonstrated involvement in and recognition by external organizations in their disciplines.

Full-time Career Teaching Professionals:  Nominees should have distinguished themselves as excellent university citizens. They should be particularly dedicated and successful teachers and mentors in their disciplines.  Typically, qualified teaching professionals will also have demonstrated involvement in and recognition by external organizations committed to the teaching of their disciplines.


The letter from the chair/senior faculty member is a fundamental source of what evaluators have to base their decision. Please ensure that the letter is detailed and descriptive when discussing the extent that the applicant:

  • has a dynamic research agenda with strong evidence of producing scholarship and/or creative work (appropriate to their rank and discipline)
  • is carrying out research and/or creative work that is impactful (appropriate to rank)
  • demonstrates excellence in the classroom (please describe, in 1-2 sentences, your department/program’s process for evaluating teaching) and provide a summary of relevant evidence for the candidate such as numerical teaching evaluations or open-ended responses, peer observations, active engagement with the CAT, teaching awards, or significant engagement with pedagogical best practices for the discipline). These teaching materials should be limited to no more than one page in length.
  • actively mentors and/or engages with students. Please provide a description, specific instances, etc. At the senior level, the applicant may actively mentor junior colleagues.
  • includes service to a department and to the broader Wake Forest community. For tenure-stream faculty, this may also include service to the profession such as holding positions in editorial boards and external organizations, curating exhibits, organizing national or international conferences, etc. For teaching professionals, this may include involvement in, and recognition by, external organizations committed to the teaching of their disciplines.


For faculty interested in applying for external fellowships, please visit the External Fellowships page.

 Chairs/Senior Faculty

Please email your nomination letter and supporting documentation to Leigh Anne Robinson no later than

March 15, 2024

Information should be submitted electronically as a single PDF email attachment.


  • A nomination letter including evidence of outstanding teaching and scholarship (maximum 3 pages)
  • The candidate’s current CV in abbreviated form (should include service activities) 
  • Supporting materials (no more than one page in length)
  • Endorsement by chair (if nominated by a senior faculty member)

The nomination letter should make clear to the review committee why this faculty member exemplifies the Wake Forest Teacher-Scholar Ideal and/or is deserving of recognition as an outstanding Teaching Professional. All nominees must demonstrate a commitment to mentoring students and be outstanding citizens of the Wake Forest academic community. Please provide a detailed explanation of the most important activities, traits, contributions, and accomplishments in teaching, mentoring, scholarly or creative work, and service that make this person a successful candidate.

Current Faculty Fellowship Recipients

NameDepartmentFellowship NameEnd Date
MacDonald, JohnEconomicsBryant/Groves Faculty Fellowship6/30/2026
Ramachandran, TanishaReligionBryant/Groves Faculty Fellowship6/30/2024
Lakdawala, LeahEconomicsClark Family Fellowship6/30/2026
Brady, ShannonPsychologyDenton Family Faculty Fellowship6/30/2024
Kadlac, AdamPhilosophyDunn-Riley Faculty Fund Fellowship6/30/2025
Pyke, JennyEnglishDunn-Riley Faculty Fund Fellowship6/30/2026
Erway, JenniferMathematicsGale Family Faculty Fellowship6/30/2024
Rahman, RaisHistoryGale Family Faculty Fellowship6/30/2025
Curry, J.K.Theatre & DanceSusan & Gene Goodson Faculty Fellowship6/30/2025
Tauber, JoelArtHoak Family Faculty Fellowship6/30/2024
Alford, LucyEnglishKenyon Family Faculty Fellowship6/30/2026
Thomas, RebeccaGerman & RussianKenyon Family Faculty Fellowship6/30/2024
Lukesh, JohnChemistryF. M. Kirby Family Faculty Fellowship6/30/2025
Sloan, MichaelClassicsF. M. Kirby Family Faculty Fellowship6/30/2026
Guthold, MartinPhysicsKulynych Faculty Fellowship6/30/2026
Bender, MargaretAnthropologyLam Family Endowed Faculty Fellowship in Anthropology6/30/2025
Esstman, Sarah McDonaldBiologyRobert & Debra Lee Faculty Fellowship6/30/2024
Pease, JamesBiologyRobert & Debra Lee Faculty Fellowship6/30/2026
Warren, BrianClassicsLevison Faculty Fellowship6/30/2025
Anderson, PaulPhysicsMacDonough Family Faculty Fellowship6/30/2025
Katula, JeffreyHealth & Exercise ScienceMacDonough Family Faculty Fellowship6/30/2026
Gengler, AmandaSociologyMcCulloch Family Faculty Fellowship6/30/2024
Hepler, StaciStatistical SciencesOllen R Nally Faculty Fellowship6/30/2026
Wolters, NickSpanishOllen R Nally Faculty Fellowship6/30/2025
Khuri, NataliaComputer ScienceZ. Smith Reynolds Foundation Fellowship6/30/2025
Lee, DerekEnglishZ. Smith Reynolds Foundation Fellowship6/30/2026
Curley, John (“Jay”)ArtRubin Faculty Fellow-Compensation6/30/2025
Jennings, JustinPhilosophyScott Family Faculty Fellowship6/30/2026
Gallegos, FranciscoPhilosophyZachary T. Smith Fellowship6/30/2025
Falcon, ClaudiaMathematicsA.J. Sterge Faculty Fellowship6/30/2025
Kirkman, EllenMathematicsA.J. Sterge Faculty Fellowship6/30/2026
Lichtenfelz, LeandroMathematicsA.J. Sterge Faculty Fellowship6/30/2025
Hellyer, RobertHistoryHenry S Stroupe History Faculty Fnd6/30/2024
Lerner, JeffreyHistoryHenry S Stroupe History Faculty Fnd6/30/2025
Lee, Win-ChiatPhilosophyTatum Family Faculty Fund Fellowship6/30/2024
Vincent, AmandaFrench StudiesYoung Family Faculty Support Fellowship6/30/2024