The role of faculty committees in the governance of Wake Forest University is deeply rooted in tradition and is vital to the day-to-day and long-term progress of the institution. This is codified broadly in Chapter 5 of the Faculty Handbook and occurs in part through the work of executive, advisory, special, and ad-hoc committees and in faculty meetings. Committee service is an expected and vital part of a faculty member’s contribution to the governance of the university.

Service, along with teaching and scholarship, is evaluated annually and is a valued and important aspect of merit evaluation.  Serving as a committee member or, for more experienced faculty members, as a committee chair, is one of the most visible and impactful demonstrations of service.

Committees of the Faculty Roster 2023-2024

This document provides a listing of the chair and current membership of the executive, advisory, special, and other committees of the faculty.

Committee Effort Requirements

This document provides an estimate of the time commitment and experience that is required for service on the various committees of the faculty.