Mid-Career Teacher-Scholars Program

Revised 7/27/17

Mid-Career Teacher-Scholar Program Application

The Mid-Career Teacher-Scholars Program is offered every 2 years, with the next offering in the 2018-2019 Academic Year.  It is intended for faculty at the Associate Professor rank, who might benefit from participating in an initiative that helps faculty focus (or refocus) on the Teacher-Scholar Ideal. For faculty who have participated in the past, intended outcomes have ranged from working on teaching and scholarship expectations to help them attain the rank of Full Professor, finishing a book or grant, becoming a better and more effective teacher, or even learning more about their leadership potential. As part of the program, the Professional Development Center provides each faculty member with three individual coaching sessions.

The program is limited to 10 or so faculty members every year it is offered. It typically occurs during the spring term, and is comprised of group meetings roughly every 2-3 weeks, typically in the afternoon for 90 minutes.

The program requires that each interested faculty member complete an application, typically due to the Dean’s Office on the last day of classes of the previous term.  Chairs are encouraged to recommend the program to faculty they think might benefit from such an initiative, and Chairs should be attentive to the Dean’s Office Digest for alerts to the next offering of the program. It should be noted that there is no direct, monetary compensation or stipend for participation in the program; however, materials and professional coaching are provided at no cost to participants.

Finally, the following are topics from past iterations of this program:

  • The Teacher-Scholar at mid-career: long-term personal and professional goal setting and making a semester plan
  • Work-Life Balance and Sustainability: prioritizing tasks, saying “no”, saying “yes”, working on an accountable plan, and establishing a process of sustainment
  • Daily Writing/Creative Work: making a plan, overcoming obstacles, peer accountability and support
  • Teaching Renewal: taking stock and aligning priorities with how and what we teach
  • Mentors at Mid-Career: value of external feedback and support beyond the pre-tenure career phase