Wake Forest students interested in the Interdisciplinary
12313284-medical-caduceus-symbol-in-yellow-and-black-color-isolated-on-white-backgroundHumanities Pathway to Medicine Program, and who might wish to apply for admission into the Program in spring of the sophomore year, should be aware of the specific requirements, course dictates, strongly advised scheduling, mandatory senior thesis, and commitment to Wake Forest School of Medicine, all of which are components of the Program. The qualifications for the program, requirements for application to the program, and successful entry to Wake Forest Medical School are listed under Program Essentials and are non-negotiable requirements.

Currently Prescribed Courses in the Natural Sciences as Appropriate Prerequisites for the MCAT, students must take a specific series of science courses, so that they have the
background for the MCAT and for Medical School. These courses include:

  • CHM 111 and 111L and CHM 280 and 280L (2 semesters of inorganic chemistry)
  • CHM 122 and 122L and CHM 223 and 223L (2 semesters of organic chemistry)
  •  BIO114 and 114L, BIO213 and 213L and BIO214 and 214L (Comparative Physiology,
  • Cell Biology, Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • BIO/CHM 370 (Biochemistry)
  • PHY 113 and 113L and PHY 114 and 114L (calculus-based physics, which
    requires MTH 111)
  • At least one course, and preferably two courses, about the social and
    psychological aspects of behavior and health. Such courses currently offered at Wake Forest would include Psychology 151; Communication 355 or 370; Sociology 151, 152, 154, 155, 325, 335, or 336.

Chem StudentIt is strongly recommended that these prerequisite courses be taken at Wake Forest University. Permission to take these courses elsewhere will be granted on a case by case basis. Permission must be granted in advance (before the student enrolls) by the IHPM Committee.


Major: Students in the IHPM will major in Divisions I, II, or III. Participants will choose and complete a major among these departments: Art (History or Studio); Chinese Language and Culture; Classics; East Asian Languages; English; German and German Studies; Greek; History; Japanese Language and Culture; Latin; Music; Philosophy; Religion; Romance Languages; Russian; Theatre. It is not required to earn Honors within a/the major.

Interdisciplinary Humanities Minor: IHPM students will additionally minor in the
Interdisciplinary Humanities  program. While optional for the regular Interdisciplinary
Humanities minor candidate, the HMN 396 thesis is required of IHPM students as the sixth course. Candidates will complete the six course minor in Interdisciplinary Humanities.
Students will enroll in HMN 280/282 (one of these) in the fall of the junior year, HMN
283/290/295 (one of these) in the spring of the junior year, and HMN 370 (Medical
Humanities) also in the spring of the junior year. The candidate then will complete two
other courses, chosen in consultation with Program Committee members, to help fulfill the requirements for the minor. By mid fall of the senior year the student would have selected a thesis topic, and will complete HMN 389/390, the sixth course and designed to complete the minor, to defend the thesis in spring of the senior year (at the latest). The following are some of the courses across the College that could be used to help fulfill minor requirements.

  • America at Work (HST 380)
  • Concepts of Health & Disease (PHI 368)
  • Health & Human Services in a Diverse Society (CNS 335)
  • Humanities and Family Law: Child Custody (HMN 379)
  • Philosophy of the Law (PHI 363)
  • Religion and the Law (REL 331)
  • Sickness & Health in American Society (HST 339)
  • Science & Religion in Early Modern History (HIS 311)

(Some courses may have prerequisites or offer preference to students in the major.)

Note that the Interdisciplinary Humanities website and the latest bulletin entry still list five courses (15 hours) as the required total for the Interdisciplinary Humanities minor. Changes are being made to align with a new six course (18 hours) IHPM Program.