Pro Humanitate and the Counseling Program

Dr. Sam Gladding and Dr. Donna Henderson describe how the principle of Wake Forest University’s motto, “Pro Humanitate,” informs the mental health work they do both locally and abroad.

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Jack Rejeski, Professor of Health and Exercise Science

“I am convinced that what we teach students is not as important as teaching them how to think creatively; to learn how to use the scientific method to actively solve problems rather than searching for the answer in what I have included in my slide presentations.”  

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You Majored in WHAT?

“What is my child going to do with a degree in that?” is a question Art History professor Jay Curley has had to answer a time or two in his four years at Wake Forest University. “People think of Art History as this very traditional, fuddy-duddy type of class,” he explained, “but it’s actually one […]

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Punch Above Your Weight Class

Hear what Sarah Crosier (’13) and Dr. Ellen Miller have to say about this unique Anthropology course!  

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Far from a “Dusty” Discipline

Hear Dr. John Oksanish and Dr. Michael Sloan explain some of the exciting things they are currently teaching in the Department of Classical Languages.      

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A Monstrous Curriculum

What do Werewolves, Mermaids, Cyborgs, and Dexter have in common? Answer: German 399. Three days a week, Dr. Tina Boyer engages ten students in the analysis of literary representations of “monsters” and the monstrous. “People are always a little skeptical about monsters and teaching it as a course,” Boyer explained. “They think it’s perhaps too […]

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Patricia Dos Santos

Innovative Chemistry Project Sparks the “Self-Learning Process”

While teaching an upper-division Biochemistry course, Patricia Dos Santos began to notice something. “Students learn different concepts in Biology, Chemistry, and Orgo, but they don’t have a class or activity that brings all of those concepts together,” she said. In an effort to give students a chance to formally put the pieces together, Dos Santos […]

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The Buzz about Teaching

Hear what students have to say about their favorite professors!  

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Mentor Relationship Shapes Student and Faculty Alike

The coveted mentor relationship shared between a Faculty member and a student has long been upheld as the hallmark of a Wake Forest education. When a professor takes the time to invest in a student both academically and personally, the results can be life-changing, for both parties. “It is actually a very give and take […]

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Anne Boyle

Service-Learning Class Engages Students Locally in Education Policy

After volunteering to tutor students at Northwest Middle School for the better part of a decade, Anne Boyle, the Director of the Wake Forest Writing Program, came to a dramatic realization. “I realized they needed about eighteen more of me, and probably younger.” When faced with the harsh realities of an Equity-Plus school, where over […]

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