You Majored in WHAT?

“What is my child going to do with a degree in that?” is a question Art History professor Jay Curley has had to answer a time or two in his four years at Wake Forest University. “People think of Art History as this very traditional, fuddy-duddy type of class,” he explained, “but it’s actually one […]

Punch Above Your Weight Class

Hear what Sarah Crosier (’13) and Dr. Ellen Miller have to say about this unique Anthropology course!  

Far from a “Dusty” Discipline

Hear Dr. John Oksanish and Dr. Michael Sloan explain some of the exciting things they are currently teaching in the Department of Classical Languages.      

A Monstrous Curriculum

What do Werewolves, Mermaids, Cyborgs, and Dexter have in common? Answer: German 399. Three days a week, Dr. Tina Boyer engages ten students in the analysis of literary representations of “monsters” and the monstrous. “People are always a little skeptical about monsters and teaching it as a course,” Boyer explained. “They think it’s perhaps too […]

Innovative Chemistry Project Sparks the “Self-Learning Process”

While teaching an upper-division Biochemistry course, Patricia Dos Santos began to notice something. “Students learn different concepts in Biology, Chemistry, and Orgo, but they don’t have a class or activity that brings all of those concepts together,” she said. In an effort to give students a chance to formally put the pieces together, Dos Santos […]

The Buzz about Teaching

Hear what students have to say about their favorite professors!  

Mentor Relationship Shapes Student and Faculty Alike

The coveted mentor relationship shared between a Faculty member and a student has long been upheld as the hallmark of a Wake Forest education. When a professor takes the time to invest in a student both academically and personally, the results can be life-changing, for both parties. “It is actually a very give and take […]

Service-Learning Class Engages Students Locally in Education Policy

After volunteering to tutor students at Northwest Middle School for the better part of a decade, Anne Boyle, the Director of the Wake Forest Writing Program, came to a dramatic realization. “I realized they needed about eighteen more of me, and probably younger.” When faced with the harsh realities of an Equity-Plus school, where over […]

Collaborative Teaching Retreat at Graylyn Invigorates Faculty

Advanced-career faculty with a desire for innovative teaching took part this summer in a retreat at Graylyn sponsored by the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC), a Wake Forest resource designed to help faculty meet the challenges of teaching in and across the disciplines and Schools. The idea for the retreat came when Catherine Ross, Director […]