At Wake Forest, we offer a broad-based, rigorous education focused on the whole person, one that embraces the vast breadth of a liberal arts education and integrates this education with the spirit of Pro Humanitate—encouraging and enabling our students to pursue lives of passion and purpose –lives where their vocation is also their avocation.

Simultaneously, our faculty and staff devise innovative ways of engaging students in their own education, in a context of community wellbeing and public engagement that aligns with the strengths and challenges facing this generation.

Wake Will enables us to continue our educational experience by attracting and engaging a distinctive student body, supporting and advancing the work of our faculty, and increasing and scope and scale of our community engagement.

Wake Will positions Wake Forest College to be widely recognized as the premier, face-to-face college experience that prepares our students to lead lives of purpose and passion in the 21st century.

Please consider designating your gift to one of the funds found at the link below.  No matter the size, the support of our friends and alumni is important to us. Thank you!


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