Award for Excellence in Research

The award recognizes a faculty member in the College in the early part of his or her career. The award was established in 1971 and renamed in 1986 in recognition of the generosity of the late Wilbur Doyle who endowed the prize to honor his philosophy professor, A.C. Reid. The award is funded by the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

Nomination guidelines:

  • The Award will be given to an outstanding faculty member who is either at the rank of Assistant Professor or who has been an Associate Professor no longer than four years. 
  • The Award will be given for any kind of significant research, creative activity, or scholarly activity substantially completed while at Wake Forest. Nominations of candidates in the arts/humanities are especially encouraged. 
  • Nominations for the Award are to come from department chairpersons; more than one nomination will be accepted from a given department. 
  • The nomination must include a letter outlining the significance of the research and the candidate’s curriculum vitae. In support of the nomination, evidence of the research (in the form of a reprint, book, painting, score, etc.) should also be included. Please include evidence to support faculty members’ candidacy from external sources or reviewers. Repeated nominations are encouraged. 
  • All nominations must be electronic and should be sent to Debbie Deheck by the established deadline. 

The 2022 winners of the Award for Excellence in Research

Elizabeth Clendinning headshot with her wearing a green shirt and brown sweater

Elizabeth Clendinning
Associate Professor of Music

Staci Hepler poses for a headshot wearing a green shirt and black blazer.

Staci Hepler
Associate Professor of Mathematics & Statistics

Saami Yazdani poses for a headshot wearing a blue shirt and black suit.

Saami Yazdani
Associate Professor of Engineering

Award for Excellence in Research Winners

Academic Year Winner Department
2021-2022 Elizabeth Clendinning Music
Staci Hepler Mathematics & Statistics
Saami Yazdani Engineering
2020-2021 Grey Ballard Computer Science
2019-2020 Kristen Beavers Health and Exercise Science
Kristina Gupta Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
2018-2019 Michael Gross Engineering
Morna O’Neill Art
2017-2018 Eranda Jayawickreme Psychology
2016-2017 Amanda Jones Chemistry
2015-2016 Jeffrey Katula Health and Exercise Science
2014-2015 Jennifer Erway Mathematics
Oana Jurchescu Physics
2013-2014 Timo Thonhauser Physics
2012-2013 Patricia Dos Santos Chemistry
2011-2012 R. Michael Furr Psychology
2010-2011 Michaelle Browers Political Science
Fred Salsbury Physics
2009-2010 Akbar Salam Chemistry
2008-2009 Martin Guthold Physics
Christian Miller Philosophy
2007-2008 Miles Silman Biology
2006-2007 Kenneth Berenhaut Mathematics
John Dinan Political Science
2005-2006 Greg Cook Physics
2004-2005 Ulrich Bierbach Chemistry
2003-2004 Clifford Zeyl Biology
2002-2003 Richard Manderville Chemistry
2001-2002 Daniel Kim-Shapiro Physics
Eric Wilson English
2000-2001 Kathleen Kron Biology
James Schirillo Psychology
1999-2000 S. Bruce King Chemistry
1998-1999 Peter Brubaker Health and Exercise Science
1997-1998 David J. Anderson Biology
Paul Anderson Physics
1996-1997 Gloria Muday Biology
1995-1996 Terry Blumenthal Psychology
1994-1995 Dale Dagenbach Psychology
1993-1994 Allin F. Cottrell Economics
1992-1993 James C. Fishbein Chemistry
1991-1992 Dilip K. Kondepudi Chemistry
Philip F. Kuberski English
1990-1991 Mark E. Welker Chemistry
Byron R. Wells Romance Languages
1989-1990 Mark R. Leary Psychology
1988-1989 Huw M.L. Davies Chemistry
Gillian R. Overing English
1987-1988 Robert A. Browne Biology
James S. Hans English
Willie Pearson Jr. Sociology
1986-1987 Paul H.D. Kaplan Art
1985-1986 Deborah L. Best Psychology
W. Jack Rejeski Health & Sport Science