Excellence in Advising Award

The Excellence in Advising award was established in 1988 to recognize outstanding advising in Wake Forest College, especially at the undergraduate lower division level. Supported by the Office of the Dean of the College, the award is both honorary and monetary. Nominations are solicited from all College faculty, staff, and students with the award limited to faculty and staff advising in the College. This award is given during the May faculty meeting.

The 2022 winner of the

Award for the Excellence in Advising

Brian Calhoun sits in front of a grey background wearing a yellow and black tie and a black suit with white tie.

Brian Calhoun
Associate Professor of the Practice of Education

The Excellence in Advising Award Winners

Academic Year Winner Department
2021-2022 Brian Calhoun Education
2020-2021 T.H.M. Gellar-Goad Classics
A.J. Mazaris Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
2019-2020 Leah Roy Theatre & Dance
2018-2019 Elizabeth Anthony French Studies
Sam Gladding Counseling
2017-2018 Alyssa Howards German & Russian
Eric Jones Anthropology
2015-2016 Katy Harriger Politics & International Affairs
Mary Pendergraft Classics
2014-2015 Betsy Chapman Parent Programs
Al Rives Chemistry
2013-2014 Mary T. Gerardy Campus Life
Luis Gonzalez Spanish
2012-2013 Brook Davis Theatre & Dance
Tom Phillips Scholars Program
2011-2012 Rosalind Tedford ZSR Library
Hubert Womack ZSR Library
2010-2011 Paul Thacker Anthropology
2009-2010 Nina Lucas Theatre & Dance
Ross Griffith Institutional Research
2008-2009 Wayne Sliver Biology
2007-2008 Sharon Woodard Health & Exercise Science
2006-2007 Christa Colyer Chemistry
2005-2006 Perry Patterson Economics
2004-2005 Robert Swofford Chemistry
Thomas McGohey English
2003-2004 Helga Welsh Politics & International Affairs
Leah McCoy Education
2002-2003 James Powell Classics
Kathy Smith Politics & International Affairs
2001-2002 Elmer Hayashi Mathematics & Statistics
Anne Boyle English
2000-2001 Helen Akinc Business & Accounting
1999-2000 Hugo C. Lana Biology
1998-1999 Mary Lynn Redmond Education
1997-1998 Leo Ellison Health & Exercise Science
1996-1997 Jean Kimmer Registrar’s Office
1995-1996 James Barefield History
Harry Titus Art
1994-1995 Lerry West German & Russian
Phil Falkenberg Psychology