Kulynych Family Omicron Delta Kappa Award

This award was established in 1982 by the Wake Forest Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa to recognize an outstanding faculty member who bridges the gap between the classroom and student life. The recipient must contribute beyond the expected duties of teaching and research. In 1997, the award was endowed by the Kulynych Family Foundation and the name was changed to honor the Kulynych family. This award is given during the May faculty meeting.

The 2022 winner of the Kulynych Family

Omicron Delta Kappa Award

Alessandra Von Burg professional headshot

Alessandra Von Burg
Associate Professor of Communication

The Kulynych Family Omicron Delta Kappa Award Winners

Academic Year Winner Department
2021-2022 Alessandra Von Burg Communication
2020-2021 John Gemmer Mathematics & Statistics
2019-2020 Sam Gladding Counseling
2018-2019 Stephen Boyd Study of Religions
2017-2018 Silvia Tiboni-Craft Spanish & Italian
2016-2017 Oana Jurchescu Physics
2015-2016 Michele Gillespie History
2014-2015 Pat Lord Biology
2013-2014 Christian Miller Philosophy
2012-2013 Ken Zick Law
2011-2012 Tom Phillips Humanities
2010-2011 Ben King Business
2009-2010 Jennifer Gentry
2008-2009 Sherri Bridges Business
2007-2008 Jennie Puckett
2006-2007 David Yamane Sociology
2005-2006 Mary Foskett Study of Religions
2004-2005 James Powell Study of Religions
2003-2004 James Cotter Business
2002-2003 Sylvain Boko Economics
2001-2002 Helga Welsh Politics & International Affairs
2000-2001 Angela Hattery Sociology
1999-2000 Mary Dalton Communications
1998-1999 Bob Evans Medicine
1997-1998 Katy Harriger Politics & International Affairs
1996-1997 Kline Harrison Business
1994-1995 Anne Boyle English