The Donald O. Schoonmaker Faculty Award for Community Service

In 1988, the Wake Forest Alumni Council established a faculty prize that recognizes the community service of a respected teacher/scholar from the College or the School of Business. Community service will be defined as service to either the greater community or the University community, or a combination of the two. In the summer of 1993, the award was named in memory of Don Schoonmaker (’60), Professor of Politics and the 1993 recipient of the faculty prize for community service.

A committee composed of faculty, administrators, and alumni select the recipient through a nomination process.

Nomination guidelines:

Please include specific information about how your nominee has served the Wake Forest community and/or the community at large. You may re-nominate any candidate from a previous year whom you would like to have considered again by simply updating your letter.

Nominations should include:

  • A letter of nomination (maximum 2 pages)
  • Details on community service, including amount of involvement, actions taken, achievements, and impact on the community

The 2021 winner of the Donald O. Schoonmaker Faculty Award for Community Service

Alessandra Von Burg professional headshot


The Donald O. Schoonmaker

Faculty Award for Community Service Winners

Academic Year Winner Department
2010-2021 Alessandra Von Burg Communication
2019-2020 Alan Brown Education
2018-2019 Melissa Jenkins English
2017-2018 Simone M. Caron History
2016-2017 Christina Soriano Dance
2015-2016 David Levy Music
2014- 2015 Mary Dalton Communication
2013-2014 Ulrike Wiethaus American Ethnic Studies
2012-2013 Anne Boyle English
2011-2012 Herman Eure Biology
2010-2011 Jack Fleer Politics
2009-2010 Susan Borwick Music
2008-2009 Paul Ribisl Health and Exercise
2007-2008 Ellen Kirkman Mathematics
2006-2007 Katy Harriger Politics
2005-2006 Stephen Boyd Religion
2004-2005 Charlie Richman Psychology
2003-2004 Tom Taylor Accountancy
2002-2003 Andrew Ettin English
2001-2002 Richard Sears Political Science
2000-2001 Willie Pearson Sociology
1999-2000 Peter Weigl Biology
1998-1999 John Litcher Education
1997-1998 Howell Smith History
1996-1997 Donald Frey Economics
1995-1996 Richard Barnett History
1994-1995 Deborah L. Best Psychology
1993-1994 Donald L. Schoonmaker Politics
1992-1993 John Earle Sociology
1991-1992 Marcellus Waddill Mathematics
1990-1991 J. Edwin Hendricks History
1989-1990 Ivey Gentry Mathematics