The Jon Reinhardt Award for Distinguished Teaching

This award recognizes an experienced member of the faculty, distinguished as a teacher in the broadest sense of the word, and recognized not only for performance in the classroom but also for exemplifying the ideals of a liberal arts education.

To be considered for the award, faculty members must have held the rank of associate or full professor, or its equivalent, for at least a year. Recipients are announced at the Faculty Meeting in May.

The 2021 winner of the Jon Reinhardt

Award for Distinguished Teaching

Billy Hamilton headshot with him holding a pipe


The Jon Reinhardt Award

for Distinguished Teaching Winners

Academic Year Winner Department
2020-2021 Billy Hamilton German and Russian
2019-2020 Terry Blumenthal Psychology
2018-2019 Peter Siavelis Politics and International Affairs
2017-2018 Mary DeShazer Professor Emeritus of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and English
2016-2017 Gloria Muday Biology
2015-2016 Linda Howe Romance Languages
2014-2015 Anne Boyle English
2013-2014 Simone Caron History
2012-2013 Louis Goldstein Music
2011-2012 Robert Ulery Retired, Classics
2010-2011 Helga Welsh Political Science
2009-2010 Barry Maine English
2008-2009 James T. Powell Classical Languages
2007-2008 Stewart A. Carter Music
2006-2007 Page H. Laughlin Art
2005-2006 Edwin G. Wilson English
2004-2005 Sarah Watts History
2003-2004 Peter D. Weigl Biology
2002-2003 Katy J. Harriger Political Science
2001-2002 Herman E. Eure Biology
2000-2001 Doyle R. Fosso English
1999-2000 Kathleen M. Glenn Romance Languages
1998-1999 Charles M. Allen Biology
1997-1998 Marcellus Waddill Mathematics
1996-1997 James P. Barefield History
1995-1996 Ralph S. Fraser German
1994-1995 Robert W. Brehme Physics
1993-1994 Elmer K. Hayashi Mathematics
1992-1993 Fred L. Horton Jr. Religion
1991-1992 Ralph C. Wood Jr. Religion
1990-1991 Carl V. Harris Classical Languages
1989-1990 Anne Tillett Romance Languages
1988-1989 David L. Smiley History
1987-1988 Jeanne Owen Calloway School
1986-1987 Bynum G. Shaw English