The Jon Reinhardt Award for Distinguished Teaching

This award recognizes an experienced member of the faculty, distinguished as a teacher in the broadest sense of the word, and recognized not only for performance in the classroom but also for exemplifying the ideals of a liberal arts education.

To be considered for the award, faculty members must have held the rank of associate or full professor, or its equivalent, for at least a year. Recipients are announced at the Faculty Meeting in May.

The 2022 winner of the Jon Reinhardt

Award for Distinguished Teaching

David Hagy conducts with his baton during rehearsal

David Hagy
Orchestra Director

The Jon Reinhardt Award

for Distinguished Teaching Winners

Academic Year Winner Department
2021-2022 David Hagy Music
2020-2021 Billy Hamilton German and Russian
2019-2020 Terry Blumenthal Psychology
2018-2019 Peter Siavelis Politics and International Affairs
2017-2018 Mary DeShazer Professor Emeritus of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and English
2016-2017 Gloria Muday Biology
2015-2016 Linda Howe Romance Languages
2014-2015 Anne Boyle English
2013-2014 Simone Caron History
2012-2013 Louis Goldstein Music
2011-2012 Robert Ulery Retired, Classics
2010-2011 Helga Welsh Political Science
2009-2010 Barry Maine English
2008-2009 James T. Powell Classical Languages
2007-2008 Stewart A. Carter Music
2006-2007 Page H. Laughlin Art
2005-2006 Edwin G. Wilson English
2004-2005 Sarah Watts History
2003-2004 Peter D. Weigl Biology
2002-2003 Katy J. Harriger Political Science
2001-2002 Herman E. Eure Biology
2000-2001 Doyle R. Fosso English
1999-2000 Kathleen M. Glenn Romance Languages
1998-1999 Charles M. Allen Biology
1997-1998 Marcellus Waddill Mathematics
1996-1997 James P. Barefield History
1995-1996 Ralph S. Fraser German
1994-1995 Robert W. Brehme Physics
1993-1994 Elmer K. Hayashi Mathematics
1992-1993 Fred L. Horton Jr. Religion
1991-1992 Ralph C. Wood Jr. Religion
1990-1991 Carl V. Harris Classical Languages
1989-1990 Anne Tillett Romance Languages
1988-1989 David L. Smiley History
1987-1988 Jeanne Owen Calloway School
1986-1987 Bynum G. Shaw English