By Jackie Sheridan, Director of the Wake Forest Scholars Program

Over the past year, more than 30 faculty, staff, and alumni came together to support Wake Forest students as they pursued prestigious scholarship opportunities along with some of the finest young minds in the country. This work involved reviewing student applications, interviewing candidates, and offering tailored feedback to help strengthen the students’ materials. Committee members also served on mock interview panels to help prepare students who made it to the finalist rounds of their competitions. This collective network of support selected 50 Wake Forest nominees for the most competitive of national awards, which require university nomination.

Such vital service helps expand our students’ understanding of what is possible to achieve and the value of their own accomplishments. This also demonstrates our faculty’s commitment to the Teacher-Scholar ideal, and speaks to the commitment of staff members, alumni, and the collective campus community that is tremendously invested in our students’ development.

Listed below are the names of faculty and staff who directly supported this year’s candidates through their work as part of review and selection committees for various awards. Many more members of the Wake Forest community supported students through thoughtful mentorship and writing strong letters of recommendation on their behalf.

The Scholars Program is exceedingly grateful to everyone who has inspired, encouraged, and supported their students as they’ve pursued these and other opportunities. If you would like to support students by serving as a committee member next year, please reach out to Director of the Scholars Program Jackie Sheridan at

Fulbright Interview Panelists

  • Alyssa Howards, Faculty Director for the Fulbright Award and Department Chair of German
  • Nelson Brunsting, Assistant Teaching Professor in Education and Director of Global Research and Assessment, GPS
  • Pam Howland, former Assistant Professor of Music
  • Dana Hutchens, Senior Associate Director, OPCD
  • Paul Jones, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Tiffany Judy, Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Melissa Kenny, Assistant Teaching Professor of Engineering
  • Abdou Lachgar, Professor of Chemistry
  • Bethany Leggett, Communications Specialist, ODOC
  • Sean McGlynn, Study Abroad Advisor
  • Cody Ryberg, Senior Study Abroad Advisor
  • Kendall Tarte, Professor and Department Chair of French Studies
  • Amanda Tingle, Office Manager, Wake Downtown
  • David Taylor, Assistant Dean for Global Study Away
  • Mike Tyson, Assistant Director, Study Abroad: Summer & Short-Term Programs
  • Shan Woolard, Assistant Director, OPCD
  • Erica Fedor (‘13), Wake Forest Fulbright Scholar
  • Deanna Margius (‘14), Wake Forest Fulbright Scholar

Goldwater Nomination and Selection Committee

  • James Pease, Faculty Director for STEM Awards and Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Erin Henslee, Assistant Professor of Engineering
  • Kaitlin Hill, Postdoctoral Fellow, Mathematics
  • David Wren, Associate Teaching Professor of Chemistry

Truman Selection Committee

  • Hana Brown, Faculty Director for the Truman Scholars and Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Deb Marke, Assistant Director for Advocacy and Social Justice at OCCE
  • Kenneth Townsend, Director of Leadership in the Professional Schools

UK Awards Committee

  • Emily Austin, Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Katy Harriger, Professor of Politics and International Affairs
  • Michael Lamb, Director of the Program for Leadership and Character
  • Gloria Muday, Professor of Biology and Director of the Center for Molecular Signaling
  • Tom Phillips, Former Director of the Wake Forest Scholars Program
  • Akbar Salam, Professor of Chemistry
  • Kenneth Townsend, Director of Leadership in the Professional Schools
  • Jim O’Connell (‘13), Wake Forest Rhodes Scholar
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