Linda Tuttle has been the Administrative Assistant in the Department of Chemistry since October 2009… just over 11 years.

How has Wake changed since you started? 

The most noticeable changes are in technology.  When I began we did not have DeaconSpace or Card Readers.  Additionally, assets were not tracked and inventoried; housekeeping was different in that our own Ms. Judy was on site in Salem Hall and anyone could approach her for things they needed.  Today housekeeping requests are centralized in the Chemistry Department so that one specific person is designated to contact Budd Services for other than urgent needs.  Although that has worked well, I think the department has missed the one on one relationship.   Facility Work Orders are handled in the same manner.  That was done primarily to eliminate duplicate requests.  I believe that has also been very successful.  Both Budd Services and Facilities respond well to the department’s needs.

What have you enjoyed most while working at Wake? 

I have truly enjoyed my years at Wake and feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work here.

Tell us about a favorite interaction with a student or faculty member. 

My favorite interaction with a student is when an Asian Graduate Student asked me a question and in my southern draw, I answered, “Naw, I don’t think so.”  Naturally, there was some confusion in understanding my answer.  I will add here that the confusion was not because the student was Asian.  I mention that only so that you will understand their last comment to me.  After several attempts (clearing up my southern accent) the answer became clear.  The next day the student came into my office and said, “Yesterday, I left your office and thought, “She can not speak English.”   We both had quite a laugh and I am still laughing today as I repeat the story.  Often I would walk in of students speaking in their native language and say, “I know you are talking about me!”  Naturally, they were always quick to say, “No, no!  We were discussing …”  Again, we all had quite a laugh.

What is a fun fact about yourself that would surprise students to hear?  

I am, as they say, “An open book” so I don’t think the Chemistry Faculty and co-workers would be surprised by any of my personality traits. They know me well.

What activities do you plan to enjoy when your retirement begins?

After I pack up all my Christmas decorations, I plan to spend more time visiting my sister, brothers, nephews, nieces, cousins and of course my son, daughter-in-law and grandsons.  I have some travel planned and hope things are so that plans don’t have to be cancelled.

Linda Tuttle

Linda Tuttle