Martine Sherrrill, the Visual Resources Librarian and Print Curator in the Department of Art, has been at WFU since 1984, a total of 36 years! 

How has Wake changed since you started? 

Much larger! More offices and staff, especially the great expansion into off-campus buildings and apartments all over town.

What have you enjoyed most while working at Wake? 

Working with highly intelligent, fascinating people from all over the world.

Tell us about a favorite interaction with a student or faculty member. 

It’s hard to choose one, but it was very special whenever Ed Christman would come over, and we would discuss art and religion. I miss him!

What is a fun fact about yourself that would surprise students to hear?  

I used to compete in disco dance contests, and my partner and I were on the cover of the NY Times Magazine back in the 1970s. I still love to dance!

What activities do you plan to enjoy when your retirement begins?

Riding my horses more, and enjoying peaceful days at the lake. And then tackling that long list of projects I’ve been saving for when this day arrived…..

Martine Sherrill

Martine Sherrill