Office of the Dean of the College – Tasks

Office of the Dean of the College
104 Reynolda Hall
Office of Academic Advising
125 Reynolda Hall

Staff Responsibilities by Job

Function/Responsibility Staff Member Extension Email
Academic Planning and Enrollment Anna Henley 336.758.2330
Apartments for guests and visiting scholars Leigh Anne Robinson 336.758.5312 
Archie Award (Student) Sarah Frederick 336.758.5311
Archie Grants Leigh Anne Robinson 336.758.5312 
Capital projects & College budget request process Seneca Rudd 336.758.3711
Capital projects & College budget request process Kim Wieters 336.758.4560
Classroom/Lab Space/Office Needs for the College Leigh Anne Robinson 336.758.5312
College Faculty Development Expense Tracking Richard Browne 336.758.5835
College Faculty Meetings Denise Griggs 336.758.3418
College financial commitments & account balances Seneca Rudd 336.758.3711
College financial commitments & account balances Kim Wieters 336.758.4560
Committee on Academic Affairs Sarah Frederick 336.758.5311
Committees of the Faculty Roster Denise Griggs 336.758.3418
Course buyout policies & procedures Seneca Rudd 336.758.3711
Course buyout policies & procedures Kim Wieters 336.758.4560
Course Buy-outs Anna Henley 336.758.2330
Course Enhancement Fund Leigh Anne Robinson 336.758.5312 
Dean of the College – Administrative support/appointments Denise Griggs 336.758.3418
Dean’s List Gala Marie Guy 336.758.2020
Dean’s Office Digest Bethany Leggett 336.758.3771
Departmental budget and financial procedures and compliance Seneca Rudd 336.758.3711
Departmental budget and financial procedures and compliance Kim Wieters 336.758.4560
EMS/DeaconSpace College Contact Leigh Anne Robinson 336.758.5312
Faculty & staff compensation Seneca Rudd 336.758.3711
Faculty & staff compensation Kim Wieters 336.758.4560
Faculty Development Funding/Fellowships Leigh Anne Robinson 336.758.5312 
Faculty Leaves (parental, medical, academic) Anna Henley 336.758.2330
Faculty Position Requests Anna Henley 336.758.2330
Faculty Retirement, Resignation, Retention Anna Henley 336.758.2330
First in the Forest Courtney Morris 336.758.5127
Funding of Faculty start-ups Seneca Rudd 336.758.3711
Funding of Faculty start-ups Kim Wieters 336.758.4560
Google groups updates and troubleshooting Leigh Anne Robinson 336.758.5312
Honor and Ethics Council Sarah Frederick 336.758.5311
Honors and Awards Ceremony Sarah Frederick 336.758.5311
Judicial Council Acacia Fike-Nelson 336-758-4497
Instructional Technology Group Adam Friedman 336.758.5507
Interdisciplinary Programs and Minors Anna Henley 336.758.2330
Magnolia Scholars Nate French 336.758.7749 
Magnolia Scholars Acacia Fike-Nelson 336-758-4497
Merit Evaluation Process Leigh Anne Robinson 336.758.5312
NCAA and ACC academic policies Jane Caldwell 336.758.5850
New Faculty in the Forest/New Faculty Orientation Leigh Anne Robinson 336.758.5312
New Ideas Series Bethany Leggett 336.758.3771
Post-graduate scholarships and fellowships Jackie Sheridan 336.758.5180
Post-graduate scholarships and fellowships Acacia Fike-Nelson  336-758-4497
Program Reviews (Departments & Interdisciplinary Programs/Minors) Anna Henley 336.758.2330
Recruitment and Hiring/Relocation for Faculty Richard Browne 336.758.5835
Recruitment and Hiring/Relocation for Staff Seneca Rudd 336.758.3711
Recruitment and Hiring/Relocation for Staff Kim Wieters 336.758.4560
Reid-Doyle Prize for Excellence in Teaching Sarah Frederick 336.758.5311
Reinhardt Award for Distinguished Teaching Sarah Frederick 336.758.5311
Reports (Faculty Teaching Loads & Course Enrollment) Anna Henley 336.758.2330
Richter Scholar Awards Acacia Fike-Nelson 336-758-4497
Scholars Office Jackie Sheridan 336.758.5180
Scholars Office Acacia Fike-Nelson 336-758-4497
Senior Orations Sarah Frederick 336.758.5311
Staff Performance Evaluations Seneca Rudd 336.758.3711
Staff Performance Evaluations Kim Wieters 336.758.4560
STARR Travel Grant Acacia Fike-Nelson 336-758-4497
Student Awards, Fellowships and Recognition Sarah Frederick 336.758.5311
Student-athlete academic counseling, awards, recognitions Jane Caldwell 336.758.5850 
Summer School budget Seneca Rudd 336.758.3711
Summer School budget Kim Wieters 336.758.4560
Summer Space Allocation Leigh Anne Robinson 336.758.5312
Teaching Professionals Promotion and Reappointments Anna Henley 336.758.2330
Technology-Enhanced Education Adam Friedman 336.758.5507
Tenure Promotion Anna Henley 336.758.2330
Undergraduate Bulletin Bethany Leggett 336.758.3771
Undergraduate Research Day Acacia Fike-Nelson 336-758-4497
Undergraduate Summer Session Anna Henley 336.758.2330
University Advancement Mike Haggas 336.758.6186 
URECA Center Acacia Fike-Nelson 336-758-4497
Wake Downtown information Amanda Tingle 336-702-1926
Wake Forest Research Fellowships Acacia Fike-Nelson 336-758-4497
Wake Forest Arts and Humanities Research Fellowships Acacia Fike-Nelson 336-758-4497
Website updates Bethany Leggett 336.758.3771 
Function/Responsibility Name Phone Email
Academic Alerts Wendi Zongker 336.758.3103
Adviser Forum
Appointment with an Academic Counselor OAA, Reynolda Hall 125 336.758.3320 phone or stop by
Dean’s Certifications OAA, Reynolda Hall 125 336.758.3320
Dean’s List Communication to Students
Ellis Student Assistance Fund
First -Year Seminars
Forestry 101 Cherise James 336.758.2310
Letter of Good Standing OAA, Reynolda Hall 125 336.758.3320
Lower Division Adviser Assignments
Lower Division Adviser Re-assignments
Adviser Workshops Shane Weimer 336.758.3104
Lower Division Student Programming Cherise James 336.758.2310
New Deac Week Cherise James 336.758.2310
OAA Social Media and Website
OAA Budget and Reimbursement Requests
Orientation of First-year and Transfer Students Cherise James 336.758.2310
Project Wake Wendi Zongker 336.758.3103
Salem College Exchange
Scheduling Meetings With Sr. Associate Dean for Academic Advising
Student Adviser Program Information
Student Adviser Program Information Shane Weimer 336.758.3104
Student Status Updates: Part-time
Student Status Updates: Departures and Returns OAA, Reynolda Hall 125 336.758.3320
Transfer College Reports OAA, Reynolda Hall 125 336.758.3320
Visiting Student Forms (WFU students to other institutions) OAA, Reynolda Hall 125 336.758.3320