The College affirms its commitment to Inclusive Excellence. We believe that inclusion is inherent to excellence and therefore fundamental to scholarly rigor and academic success. As the intentional incorporation of the cultures, worldviews, histories, traditions, and talents of all people across all places, Inclusive Excellence defines diversity broadly and includes race and ethnicity, (dis)ability, gender identity and gender expression, sexual orientation, nationality, age, religion, and social class. Inclusive Excellence situates that diversity as a powerful community strength that must be consistently and actively practiced to achieve the highest teaching, learning, and scholarly outcomes.

The Office of the Dean of the College is committed to supporting all faculty, staff, and students in their development of, and engagement with, academic departments and programs that offer robust and representative curricula taught in inclusive environments. We know that our students are entering a profoundly diverse world, and our dedication to Inclusive Excellence enables them to do so as the leaders and citizens we need now and in the future.

Read the University’s Non-Discrimination Statement here